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Key Summary

Short term income protection is designed to replace an element of your income in the event that you are unable to work due to an accident or sickness. This can be used to cover mortgage or rent payments or towards other monthly bills to ensure you can still live comfortably if you are unable to work.

  • No medical questions making your application quick and hassle free
  • Benefit paid tax free to your personal account
  • Cover pays out for up to 12 months for each accident or sickness occurrence
  • Money back into the club with every policy purchased
  • Competitive premiums

The above policies are provided by Covea Insurance

The Waiting Period is the number of days you must be off work before the monthly benefit begins.

You can choose the “Deferred” price which means the monthly benefit will begin after the {DeferredText} waiting period. The “Back To Day One” price means once the {DeferredText} waiting period has past your monthly benefit will be backdated to the first day you were unable to work.

Policy Document(s)

Pre-existing Statement

Benefits under this policy will not be paid if inability to work is caused directly or indirectly by a pre-existing medical condition - unless symptom free and have not consulted a doctor or received treatment for the condition for at least 24 months after start date.

Proof Of Income

Your maximum monthly benefit can not exceed £2,000 or 60% of your gross monthly income, whichever is less. At point of claim Covea will ask you to provide proof of income, this will constitute taxable income declared to HMRC. If the provider discovers you have applied for more than 60% of this income or if your income has dropped since the cover was activated then your claim may be reduced.

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